Growth Intern

Tainan City, Taiwan
Part Time

What You'll Do / Responsibilities

 *** Please submit your English CV for application ***

【What will you do?】
In this role, you will be part of the CEOs office and support his Special Assistant on research to inform go-to-market and growth strategies for the company.
You will also support routine tasks to improve efficiencies.

【Benefit of working in this position】

  • Be part of a fast growth and leading tech startup in Taiwan.
  • Learn about global markets and how to create successful strategies.
Required Qualifications

 【Who are we looking for?】 

  • Highly motivated, self-starter who enjoys learning new things
  • Organized and detailed-oriented
  • Familiar with office software to prepare excel reports and powerpoint presentations
  • Confident (or at least open) to use English
Preferred Qualifications

Familiar with data analysis

Benefits / Compensation

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✔︎ 挑戰潛能
✔︎ 國際化
✔︎ 團隊
✔︎ 成長
勇於嘗試、不怕犯錯的 Quick Learner 是凱鈿人的DNA
✔︎ 價值
我們憑著:「熱情、溝通、凝聚力」行使著 Make Innovation Happen 的使命,要在世界這個舞台站穩腳步

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TWD 168 ~ 168 / hour
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